NAC Members

NAC Members are DJs, MCs, and Entertainment Designers

Members are DJs, MCs, and Entertainment Designers from across the US and Canada.¬†Above all, is the NAC member’s common thread…advanced training and learning. The goal, to continue exceeding client expectation. For instance, members attend the annual NAC Huddle. A 3 day curated content, total immersion workshop experience. In addition the attending the NAC Huddle, members participate in monthly conference calls. Each member shares openly from their expertise and experience so that all members may benefit.

Many NAC members are full-time, while some are part-time. On the other hand some members are single operators while others operate a multi-op. Each member is a leader in their respective marketplace. Not surprisingly, several members have spoken at regional and national DJ and wedding industry conventions. Examples include Mobile Beat Las Vegas, Midwest DJs Live, ArmDJs, and Wedding MBA.

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NAC Member Rich Lange 2019 Headshot

Rich Lange

NAC Member Paul Hoke 2019 Headshot

Paul Hoke

NAC Member Michael Durham 2019 Headshot

Michael Durham

NAC Member Dave Harmon 2019 Headshot

Dave Harmon

West Fargo, ND

Harmon Entertainment

NAC Member Stefan Jez 2019 Headshot

Stefan Jez

Montreal Quebec, CA

Uptown Xpress

NAC Member Lucas Henrichs 2019 Headshot

Lucas Henrichs

NAC Member Eric Rhodes 2019 Headshot

Eric Rhodes

NAC Member Eric Jaeger 2019 Headshot

Eric Jaeger

NAC Member David Alexander 2019 Headshot

David Alexander

NAC Member Rob Aitken 2019 Headshot

Rob Aitken

London Ontario, CA

Music Central Entertainment

NAC Member Courtney Hampton 2020 Headshot

Courtney Hampton

Breckenridge, CO

Hampton Entertainment

NAC Member Thomas Heath 2019 Headshot

Thomas Heath

NAC Member David Anderson 2019 Headshot

David Anderson

NAC Member Brian Kelm 2019 Headshot

Brian Kelm

NAC Member Chris Dedman 2019 Headshot

Chris Dedman

NAC Member Geoffrey Sandler 2019 Headshot

Geoffrey Sandler

NAC Member Mike Jones 2020 Headshot

Mike Jones

NAC Member Chris Johnson 2019 Headshot

Chris Johnson

NAC Member Jason B Shields 2020 Headshot

Jason B Shields

Louisville, KY

Music In Motion