NAC Goals and Values

Goals For What The NAC Contributes

  • To build a Support Community for NAC members.
  • To create Next Level Learning Experiences for NAC members.
  • To see improvement in each NAC member’s business.
  • To see improvement of each NAC member’s personal growth.
  • To see improvement of each NAC member’s personal skills.
  • To see Services Fee Growth for each NAC member.
  • To see each NAC member impact the industry via  their own leadership.

NAC Goals For Members

  • NAC members who have creatively planned and fully prepared for each event.
  • NAC members who are actively working individual personal skill and business growth plans.
  • NAC members who have accountability partners or an accountability plan.
  • NAC members that command a higher than average market rate for their services based on delivering value.

NAC Member Core Values

  • I have a heart to do what is best for my client.
  • I seek to continually improve and grow my skills.
  • I want to learn from others in a fully transparent environment.
  • I want to be highly compensated in exchange for providing high value.
  • I want to share my knowledge and experience in a leadership and mentoring role.

NAC Member Client Service Values

  • Above all else, our client is the priority.
  • How we prepare and what we create are for the CLIENT.
  • Our CLIENT focus will create extraordinary results.
  • Our experience creates a process that we will share with others in the industry.

NAC Credo