About The NAC And Who It Is For

The NAC is a community of professional DJs, MCs and Entertainment Designers in the private event entertainment space committed to helping one another grow and succeed in business.

2019 Huddle #NAChville with NAC Members and presentors

Our members include many of the most sought-after Wedding Entertainment Professionals in North America. These professionals create Amazing Celebrations and are highly valued by their clients. They are considered leaders in the Industry.

Alan Berg at #NAChville Huddle 2019

While there is a wealth of experience and success represented among our members, we each take the posture of continuing our education, learning, and training to achieve our goals in business and life.

Huddle 2019 NAC members gaining knowledge at #NAChville

We are committed to full transparency, providing honest feedback, taking responsibility for what we need, and giving generously to support each member to help them reach their goals.

#NAChville Hudlle 2019 members learning

We each give freely from our individual areas of expertise so that each member can experience the best-of-the-best in areas of business practice, trends, creativity, and current information.

NAC Membership Has It's Privileges

Exclusive membership is limited to 30 professionals and benefits include:

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    Daily Teamwork
    Virtual co-working and collaboration

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    Monthly Curated Education
    A call that’s part webinar, part Socratic discussion. (Don’t worry, we’ll teach you what that means)

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    Leadership Development
    Support and encouragement to help you fulfill your leadership potential.

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    Special Pricing
    Members receive access to exclusive vendor offers for products, services, and events.

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    Monthly Shop Talk
    A live call in a roundtable format.

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    Content Library Shared Resources
    Access to our entire collection of recordings and other materials.

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    Member Only Access
    NAC Sponsored education events throughout the year.

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    Member Meet-ups
    At other industry events like MBLV,  MWDJ, and ARMDJs.

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    VIP Attendance At The Annual NAC Huddle!
    Four days of bonding, sharing, learning, and growing. It is an incredible and transformative opportunity to learn new things and gain new focus.

The NAC Process

How do learning and content choices work?

Each quarter, we survey the group to decide on upcoming content and topics. All conference calls and Huddle content is recorded, archived, and accessible to members as long as their membership is active. Look at the recordings as awesome podcasts that you can review anytime.

NAC Sponsors

We thank these companies for their support of education and improvement in our industry.

How Do I Join?

Membership in the NAC requires that you complete a brief application and approval process.

Membership in the NAC is free, but requires that members pay for and attend the NAC Annual Huddle event.

And, here’s the deal…when you join, it’s not just about what you can get.  Its also about what you can contribute. You have to be willing to jump in and join the conversation, to offer feedback, to get curious and seek to grow.

How you choose to show up will determine the level of value that you get.  There is no shortcut to success…you have to do the work. But it’s a lot more fun, rewarding, and a lot easier, when you do it in a supportive community.

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Our members were once like you…tired of going it alone with no support or feeling of community in their chosen work space.  There is no need to feel that way any longer.

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